WispDDE is a windows application that can be used to interface prediction software to rotor controller. It is an application similar to AVROTDDE.EXE (part of AVROT package) - it communicates with prediction software using DDE protocol on one side and on the other it sends the data to AVROT over serial port. That means: you need both prediction software and WispDDE to run on the same PC simultaneously and you need to setup a link between them. Additionally you must configure WispDDE to communicate with AVROT (protocol, port, speed).

Because picture is worth long talking here's my setup:

WispDDE main screen when communication established

Setting of AVROT connection

Setting of DDE connection

Orbitron prediction software talking with WispDDE (don't forget to click the connection icon!)

Downloads (thanks to Zahid AP2MIZ!):
WispDDE executable
WispDDE sources
Orbitron home page