Simple CMOS elbug

It is a simple electronic keyer that proved to be reliable, precise timing and no "own phantasy" - that means all wrong keying is always operator fault; requiring minimum power (I use similar modem for about 10 years with just 1 battery replacement). It is inspired by well known ETM models.
There are no special features like memory, automatic space between letters, computer control etc. IT IS JUST BASIC ELBUG THAT IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT MAN EXPECTS FROM ELBUG, nothing more and nothing else. And what it does it does 100%.
Squeeze keying is supported (I am used to it) but I have removed the dot/dash memory (that works in way for example when the keyer is sending dash and you shortly move the paddle to dot and release it before the dash is over it sends dot is next element). I hate that "feature" because it makes a lot of problems esp. when you use low quality paddle. By the way, I don't understand why most elbugs built into radios use that fuctionality (!!!).
Current state:
Circuit diagram designed, printed circuit board designed, assembled, functionality tested. I need to put the PCB into a box to finalize it, that's all... Some free time needed..