VHF A1 contest 2009, QTH near Ceske Budejovice, OK1KCB

First weekend of November is always time for 144 MHz CW contest. Bohous OK1FJW is used to take part from club station's OK1KCB QTH using their callsign. I joined him, together with Jirka OK1DKX. The goal was not to win but to enjoy the traffic, test equipment, talk together etc. We terminated the activity earlier because of lack of time and first of all because of failure of transceiver IC7400.

OK1DX by radio, OK1DXK watching.

Operator refreshment (peperony)

OK1FJW Bohous by radio

OK1DXK Jirka operating, Bohous asleep...

Antennas used: 2x 16el F9FT