My QTH in Holysov

The tower - the 4 ele 21 MHz Yagi (DK7ZB design), 5 ele 50 MHz ZX Yagi at top
The tower

4 ele 21 MHz Yagi feeder detail
The tower

Rear side of the house
House from the garden

13m tower with 18 MHz and 50 MHz Yagies
HF Yagies

Tower in winter (5 ele for 18 MHz moved later to Kasperske Hory)
Cold yagies

VHF - UHF - SHF antennas
Yagies 2m and 70cm, dish 13cm

Old 50 MHz Yagi
50 MHz Yagi, TV model

VHF box (relays, transvertor, preamp)
VHF box

My QTH in Kasperske Hory

Front view
The house from street

Rear view
The tower