EAF Commissioning Saudi Arabia, Dammam - 20 Oct to 30 Nov 2012

Non-HAM event, just for info... To get a license there seems to be unrealistic.
My company sent me to 5 week trip to Saudi Arabia, Dammam. My task there was to start commissioning of automation system (PLC, computers, software) of electric arc furnace (EAF). Because the preparation work was not finalized I concentrated mostly on signal checking and organizing the electrical works. Anyway, they want to start production very soon! Fortunately my colleagues arrived later and continue my job...

Waiting at the airport / immigration - very funny. 2 hours waiting at 4 a.m. Similar situation on departure...
Waiting upon arrival

The steel factory
The steel plant

Electric Arc Furnace

Our hotel
Carlton Hotel

View from top floor of the hotel
The country

One of many mosques

Shopping cart
Shopping center

Antenna tower. Perhaps local HAM??? :-)

New monument (?) at shore

New office buildings

Me and monument

The work is not yet finished, I suppose I have to return there again in next months. If the situation allows I can perhaps try to get a license...