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Name&call:Roland DH1OR Date:2022-10-04 18:47:11
Message:Hallo OM Pavel. I'm looking for a schematic diagram of Baofeng UV-B5 / UV-b6. From Goggle, i came to your website. I could see a preview of the picture, but it does not seem to be present anymore. Do you still have this anywhere? And would it be possible to send it to my E-Mail-adress? Many thanks! Roland, DH1OR

Name&call:Neville Hardy VK5 NNT port Lincoln 5606 Date:2022-06-12 10:24:56
Message:Hi. Pavel . do you by any chance supply the PCB for the ICOM OPC-478 interface , thank you 73 Neville VK5 NNT

Name&call:Ben VK3KBC Date:2021-06-06 10:33:01
Message:Hi Pavel, Thanks for the info on the Wouxun KG-920P and the pointer to the manual! 73's de Ben.

Name&call:Nick Date:2018-02-21 18:07:55
Message:Hi I just visit your site and i thing you have a very interested projects. I am interested in your project about swr rf power meter and i am ready to build it. Since i am not very familiar with this i would like to ask you something. First of all i would like to know how much power i can measure and if it can measure pep rf power. Second question is that if you can make a modification to source code so it can be shown at 2x16 lcd. thanks in advance Nick

Name&call:Antonello IK2DUW Date:2017-09-03 08:46:18
Message:Ciao Pavel , I hope you can help me, I use your Label and Qsl -DxQsl printing program, use a Brother QL-570 printer in spamming setup, after configuring it with my 62 x 100 format, not keeping it in memory and returning to default 17 x 54 ... can you make a memory? Thank you 73' AntoNello ik2duw

Name&call:PU2POP Joao Paulo Date:2017-06-18 14:00:12
Message:Hello Mr. Pavel Thank you very much for the contact in 80 meters. It's a new one for me! Is it possible to confirm by LOTW? I wish good contacts Regards PU2POP - Joao Paulo QRZ.COM PU2POP and ZY2QG If you are not user lotw let me know that I send the qsl paper to you.

Name&call:Zijo E77ZX Date:2017-03-23 18:25:46
Message:73 dr OM I build your SWRMega , and that is very good project. Congrat! I have one problem, I cant comumicate thru rs232, did you have some port settings or? I use XP sp3, did I must use some other system? Thanks for very good project for all of us radioamateurs. GL 73, Zix

Name&call:Willi, OK1FWG Date:2016-12-06 22:08:03
Message:Ahoj Pavliku, mas to moc hezke, hlavne ty anteny zavidim. Ja jsem tady v pytli, ale snad neco taky vymyslim, aby se dalo malinko vysilat na KV. Mej se moc prima a doufam, ze se nejak dame zase do kontaktu! Potesilo me umisteni v OL party 2016 :-D To mam co delat do priste! 73, Vilda

Name&call:Mat, DL5XU Date:2016-08-24 11:02:03
Message:Hallo Pavel, thanks for our tropo qso on 6m yesterday. use here only a big wheel antenna (omni). i know your qth in Kasperske Hory. i seee the Antenna in front of your House near the ski area at my vitit in sumava. 73 de Mat, DL5XU

Name&call:On4lg Date:2016-04-07 20:08:52
Message:Thanks for tonight qso on fox1. 73. Fred on4lg