Born in 1963, first hit by HAM radio bug in age of 11. Initial interest in electronics, later also HAM radio operation. Mastered morse code in 13 years. After short SWL period started activity from radio club OK1KRY.

First HAM license in age of 15 (limited license for young operators), callsign OL3AXS. Years of everyday activity on 160m CW - talking with friends, contesting, DXing, parties with other OL...

OL party in Nejdek

OL license ended after 4 funny years, resulting in WAC 160m (Worked All Continents) and more than 50 DXCC on TOP band (it was year 1985, 160m was permitted just in several countries).

Visiting OL4ATY/OK1DIJ

Im 1982 started studies on Czech Technical University in Prague, department of Eletrical engineering. Shortly afterward got "full ticket", callsign OK1DXS.

Great 5 years of studying (together with other HAM collegues), continuing of 160m activity (DXCC 160m #219 in 1987), activity from club station OK1KUR (at university). Moved to Holysov, joined local club OK1KQJ. The club is situated far from civilisation, equipped with good antennas, several active members helped as well. Further interest in DXing and contesting (in single or multiop category), building of own station, tower, lot of electronic projects (transceivers, amplifiers, measuring equipment,..). After studies short period of work in Holysov, but radio was more attractive. In 1990 employed in Czech Ocean Shipping company, working as radio officer onboard merchant vessels (OK4DXS/mm).

Two Czech vessels in port of Chimbotte, Peru

Have visited all continents, about 40 countries, met personally many radio amateurs around the world (W, VE, PY, LU, OA, G, ON, SP, UA1, I, VU, JA, VK). Great experience, discovered all HAM's are one big family...

On visit by OA4ZV

In 1994 changed own callsign to OK1DX, also got FCC ticket KF9VM.

9 band DXCC added to award collection. Ocean going era ended in 1998, I have changed my profession and became computer programmer in industrial automation branch. Have spent 6 years working in Duesseldorf (Germany) where met lot of great HAM's in clubs DL0DX and DL0RD, joined them for some contests and field days, became member of Bavarian Contest Club...

Luxembourg contest activity

My profession brought me often abroad (my occupation was programmer in industrial automation branch), I have spent several months in China, South Korea, Italy, Iran... But unfortunatelly there was no space for HAM activity from there. I am more settled last years, finally starting with family, moved to Kasperske Hory, rebuilding a house,... I am employed now by Rohde Schwarz production plant in Vimperk, it is very interesting to work with top measurement devices manufactured there.
Have reached other goals (all zones for 5B WAZ, all zones for 160m WAZ, DXCC Honor Roll CW, DXCC Honor Roll#1).
I enjoy travelling as well, I take radio with me on my holidays (CT3, FM, SV9, IS0, TA, EA8, ...).
Plans are to concentrate more to my original hobby - electronics.