I collect QSL cards (cards confirming 2 way contacts with other radioamateurs), my goal is to have at least one QSL from every country on the world on each HAM radio band.
Here you can browse in my collection (only selected cards, the whole collection is too big...). Open the country/zone list and click the prefix/zone to see the cards.

Collection of valid DXCC Countries

Collection of deleted DXCC Countries

WAZ zone collection

DXCC Band statistic 23 February 2024
Band 160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m SAT
Valid 224 272 301 268 323 330 292 247 254 104 68
Deleted 5 5 7 3 7 3 9 2 7 1 0
Total 229 277 308 271 330 333 301 249 261 105 68

DXCC Mode statistic 23 February 2024
Mode Mix CW Phone RTTY SSTV
Valid 340 338 328 275 9
Deleted 10 10 8 6 0
Total 350 348 336 281 9

Despite the fact I have worked all existing DXCC countries I would like to work all on CW (morse code) only, the following I badly need:

  • ZS8 - Prince Edward, Marion Island
  • P5 - North Korea
  • Just 2 contacts needed but it can be a task for many years...

    My another goal is also to work all DXCC on 17m band. It's also another long term run. Still 10 DXCC missing...

    QSL policy

    I like paper QSL cards. But sending QSL is time consuming work, it creates load to QSL bureau etc. So I prefer to exchange the QSL cards that have certain importance for receiver only. I treat each QSO/QSL individualy, I never send QSLs for all stations worked in contest etc.
    I follow this rule: if the QSO/QSL is important for me (new country on particular band or mode,..) I fill the QSL immediately after QSO. If highly important I send the QSL direct by mail (in average less than 3 per year), otherwise I pass my QSL to bureau. Also when the QSO partner expresses in QSO a clear wish to receive the card, I fill the card immy, too. Otherwise I just reply to QSLs I receive - if I got the card by mail I answer direct, when card obtained via bureau I reply in the same way (more than 90% cases). If I don't find the QSO in my log I return the original card with note "not in log". Statistics show I exchange QSL in about 20% of all QSOs.
    I send all my QSO data to Lotw and Clublog several times per year - for those not using paper QSL. I don't participate in eQSL.
    I would appreciate if other stations follow similar policy. Anyway, if you send the QSL for each QSO (I undertand some people feel that as obligation) and you don't need my card, don't cross "PSE QSL" on it. Write "not needed" instead (as I sometimes do, too). It saves resources (at least it is ecological).
    If you need my QSL via bureau (free of charge) and you don't want to send your own QSL, use OQRS QSL request.

    Here you can see my own QSL card:

    OK1DX QSL - front side OK1DX QSL - rear side

    My QSL for portable activities:
    OK1DX portable

    DXCC table for DxList program - OK1DX
    DXCC table for DxList program - OK1KQJ