Current version is from 13 June 2020

Recent changes:
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements (recovery from suspend mode etc.)
  • Added button ""Follow VFO" in bandmap
  • Bandmap spots in last 10 minutes in bold
  • Position, size and automatic opening of Bandmap configurable
  • Cluster live message (empty line sent to cluster when no spot received in 15 minutes)

  • DX cluster monitoring tool. DX spots from cluster (received over telnet/internet) are processed. The result is table of filtered spots (filter can be set to callsign or part of callsing, DXCC country, continent for both DX and spotter, band, mode) and band map. There is also interface to transceiver (sorry, FT2000 nw only) that reads the frequency, displays it in bandmap, single click at call tunes radio on that frequency.
    It uses popular ctry.dat file for country analysis, so when there are any changes in DXCC status, just update this file from internet..
    Sure, there are many similar things included in logbook programs. But - I wanted to try something taylored to my specific needs.
    All the sources (C#, MS Visual Studio 2008) are available for free here.


    The ZIP archive with application - just copy them in any directory and run, no installation necessary. Simply delete the files to remove the application.
    Complete sources for MS Visual studio 2008. Investigate, modify, share as you like. Just please kindly keep my callsign there as mark of origin.