Garmin GPSmap 60CSx lost satellites

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I use this GPS receiver for Geochaching for many years. It has a good support for Geochaching, receiver is sensitive, accurate...
It has happened twice already that the receiver has blocked and it was not possible to see any satellite received (no points in sky circle and no bars in signal strength diagram). No actions helped (restart, activation/deactivation of RX, ...). I tried to find a help on internet first - and found I am not alone who faced with this problem. No comments from manufacturer (I don't belive he is not aware), just from users.
The reason seems to be lost firmware of receiver chip. If I tried to read RX firmware version (using setup menu), I got 0.0 that at least indicates a communication problem between RX chip and main processor. I found there an advice reflash the firmware - I can confirm this action recovered the receiver and returns the functionality back to normal.
To perform the flashing you need a personal computer connected to unit by USB cable (the same cable I use to upload geocaching data) and the firmware. I found the firmware on the internet (different versions) in form of executable file (EXE). The program just looks for connected unit and performs flashing, nothing else.
When I faced with the problem for 2nd time, I failed to find the firmware files on the internet again. Fortunatelly I found a backup on my harddrive. But for sure, for others and also for me (when it happens again when I am on holiday, far from home), I decided to create a page on my server containing the firmware - HERE YOU CAN FIND IT.

  • Chipset firmware version 3.0
  • Chipset firmware version 2.9
  • Chipset firmware version 2.7
  • Chipset firmware version 2.6

  • The version 3.0 works fine in my case.