Here you can find some pictures:

Me and my family
HAM shack
My first equipment
Portable activity
Tower story
HF CW Fieldday 2009 by DL0D/p
VHF Fieldday 2009 by OK1KRY
VHF Fieldday 2015 - OK1KRY, OK7O, OK1OPT
Bike Expedition OL7CX Jeseniky 2009
Bike Expedition OL8CX Orlicke Hory, Krkonose 2010
Bike Expedition OL9CX Severni cesta 2011
Bike Expedition OK1RCX/p Libratice 2012
Bike Expedition OK1RCX/p Brdy 2013
Bike Expedition OK1RCX/p Stredozemi 2015
Bike Expedition OK1RCX/p Raketove zakladny 2016
Bike Expedition OK1RCX/p Machovo jezero 2018
A1 contest 2009, OK1KCB
New year 2010 meeting OK1KQJ
Rybarna 2010 radio-ski event
Carodejnice 2010
Bussiness trips to Iran - June 2010, March 2011, May 2011
Family holiday to Turkey (with radio, too), summer 2011
HAM DXpedition to Albania 2012
Bussiness trip to Saudi Arabia 2012
Meeting HAM's in Dammam HZ, Jan-Apr 2013
Celebration of 35th anniversary of HAM license, August 2013
Celebration of 40th anniversary of HAM license, August 2018
Family holiday on Madeira island, meeting HAM's. March 2017
A1 contest 2017, OK7O
VHF Filedday 2023, OK1KEO