My intention is to publish in this way some my constructions, perhaps somebody finds it interesting... I try to put here all available information (I appologize if something is not perfect - I am an amateur...)

Atmel AVR projects

  • Direction indicator for antenna rotor.
  • New firmware for Chinese ADF4351 generator.
  • Geocaching PMR radio beacon.
  • QRP CW transmitter for QO100 satellite
  • GPS controlled 10 MHz reference generator
  • Interface between Yaesu Quadra VL1000 amplifier and Kenwood TS850 - band switching
  • Cheap LF DDS VFO for 136 and 500 kHz HAM transmitter
  • DDS VFO for HF QRP CW transceiver
  • Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) meter based on Atmel AVR Mega8 chip
  • HF + 50 MHz propagation radio beacon, CW and WSPR, DDS version
  • Antenna rotator controller AVROT
  • Morse Geocaching Travel Bug
  • Other projects

  • Simple DSP audio CW filter using ADAU1401
  • LED light chain QRM killer
  • High power low pass filter for 144 MHz PA
  • QCX single band QRP CW transceiver
  • Hermes Lite 2 SDR DDC/DUC transceiver
  • Mini keypad for FT2000 (replacement of Yaesu FH-2)
  • My PCB design of Si570 synthetizer
  • Simple CW-AFSK-FSK interface/switch for my shack
  • Antenna remote switch
  • Simple but reliable elbug
  • Assembled kit of Winkeyer2
  • Ultraviolet light for PCB production
  • Simple RF probe with high dynamic range using AD8307
  • Antenna rotator controller, based on Arduino
  • Interface for older Icom radios (converter from RS232 to 1 wire interface)
  • Repair of faulty transmitter of Wouxun KG-UV920P radio
  • Tools

    Tools I use for AVR project